Wingstop Social

I lead a team that creates paid and organic social content for Wingstop. 
Here's 5 fun things we've done this year by harvesting the power of social:
1. We helped the brand launch and sell out their new Chicken Sandwich in a matter of days...6 to be exact. With no TV running, our social content sold out the sandwiches single-handedly.  
2. Then, we helped them craft the perfect reaction to said sell out:
3. We drove (and continue to drive) massive reach and brand awareness through content that doesn't feel like ads.
4. We sell chicken. Our social content increased Wingstop's performance ROAS by 53% and cut their cost per order in half. 
5. We turn posts into product.
Bulking up doesn't have to be boring. We found a new audience, Bulker Gym Bros, through success with creative that positioned Wingstop protein as the ultimate workout fuel. So, we created the perfect meal for meatheads: THE BULKER BUNDLE. Available on 
Agency: VaynerMedia